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Ballot Notes

Proxy Ballot Explanatory Notes

Appointment of Auditor for 2015-2016

Last month, after completion of the 2014-15 audit, the Board of Trustees approved recommending the same auditor for the current fiscal year. You are therefore asked to indicate whether or not you approve the appointment of Bazar McBean LLP as the auditor for the fiscal year 2015-16.

ICS 2014-15 Audited Financial Statements

A summary of the 2014-15 audited financial statements is included on this site. (If you wish to review the full 2014-15 audited financial statements, these are also posted on the site.)  Last month the Board of Trustees reviewed and accepted these audited financial statements. You are therefore asked to indicate whether or not you approve the 2014-15 audited financial statements.

ICS 2015-16 Budget

The summary 2015-16 budget is included on this site. The budget was reviewed and accepted by the Board of Trustees at their May 2015 meeting, and is therefore being presented to you for approval. You are therefore asked to indicate whether or not you approve the 2015-16 budget.

Election of Board of Trustees

This year we are filling five positions on the Board by election (two of the five being elections after serving an interim appointment) and one by re-election. As in prior years, the Board is putting forward one candidate per position for your approval.

    For election: 

                             Hilda Buisman – Region 2a (Alberta)
                             William Daniel ("Dan") Jack – Region 2b (Alberta)
      (currently interim)   Christina Belcher – Region 6 (Niagara Penninsula)
      (currently interim)   Philip Preville – Member-at-Large
                              Rick VanManen – Member-at-Large

    For re-election:

                              John Valk – Region 8 (Eastern Canada)

Everyone should vote for both Member-at-Large candidates. If you live in Region 2, 6, or 8, please also vote for the candidate(s) in your region. Your ballot will indicate who you are to vote for, based on your region. Please note that Region 2 has two candidates. Those in region 2... please vote for both candidates as well as the Member-at--Large positions. 

Representative for the Proxy Votes

You must also indicate on your ballot that you are willing to let James van Manen, the ICS Board Secretary, represent your proxy ballot at the Annual General Meeting. Please print your name and sign and date your ballot. You may send your ballot by mail in the enclosed envelope or by fax (416-979-2332).