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Minutes from Last Year

Institute for Christian Studies
Annual General Meeting
Thursday, December 4, 2014, 7:30 PM
Institute for Christian Studies, 229 College Street, Toronto

Present: Henriette Thompson (ICS Board Co-chair, meeting chair), Aileen Van Ginkel (ICS Board Co-chair, meeting secretary), Doug Blomberg (ICS President), Ed Hayley (ICS Director of Finance & Administration), Harry Fernhout, Hilda Fernhout, Chris Gort, Isabella Guthrie-McNaughton, Henk Hart, Harry Houtman, Joan Koole, Joe Koole, Ron Kuipers, Scott McNaughton, Philip Preville, Rebekah Smick, Bob Sweetman, John Tenyenhuis, James van Manen, Ken Van Wyk, Lucy Van Wyk, Lambert Zuidervaart

1.             Opening: Henriette Thompson established that quorum had been achieved for this Annual General Meeting. She acknowledged that the AGM is taking place on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit. Aileen Van Ginkel led in an opening prayer.

2.             Co-chairs’ Remarks: Henriette Thompson provided a brief overview of the past year, and Aileen Van Ginkel spoke to the current work of the board in relation to the ICS’ strategic priorities (advancement, partnering and online learning).

3.             Minutes: Chris Gort moved, and Joe Koole seconded, that the minutes of the November 25, 2013 AGM be approved. Carried.

4.             President’s Report: Doug Blomberg referred to the remarks he presented at the reception preceding the AGM, reflected as well in the Annual Report 2013-14, which was posted online along with the other AGM materials.

5.            Financial Matters:
5.1  2013-14 audited financial statements: Ken Van Wyk moved, and Bob Sweetman seconded, that the financial statements be accepted. Aileen Van Ginkel reported that 64 proxy ballots had been cast, all in favour of accepting the financial statements. Carried.
5.2  Appointment of auditor: Philip Preville moved, and John Tenyenhuis seconded, that the Bazar McBean firm be appointed as auditors for the 2014-15 fiscal year. All proxy ballots cast approved the appointment as well. Carried.
5.3  2014-15 Budget: Ken Van Wyk moved, and Bob Sweetman seconded, that the 2014-15 budget be approved. Several questions and comments arose:

·        At what point will the ICS be deemed unsustainable, and thus unable to recruit students?

·        Does the Board have an alternate plan if the ICS is unable to offer programs beyond another 3 years?

·        The ICS’ biggest asset is its ability to grant PhD degrees; it must leverage this asset into an income stream.

·        The Board needs to prepare a longer-term strategy to allow ICS to move away from deficit budgets.

·        Why is an advancement director not yet in place, given the urgency in raising revenue?

·        How seriously is the Board treating this urgent crisis?

·        Biggest thing ICS can do is create an asset pool that will create a significant enough revenue stream to sustain itself.

·        What about endowing very single faculty position, fundraising to cover other costs?

·        ICS is limiting intake of new PhD students, and focusing on broadening its intake of MWS students

·        The bequest funds are being used as an investment, primarily in the Advancement strand of the 3-strand strategy

·        ICS is not alone in struggling for donors from a limited pool; it needs to develop varied strategy, e.g., using investment funds and the MWS program to generate income

The motion was carried with 2 abstentions; 1 proxy ballot indicated a negative vote.

6.             Election of Board of Trustees:

·        Region 7: Ron Kuipers moved, and John Tenyenhuis seconded, the election of Ken Van Wyk. Carried.

·        Member-at-Large: Bob Sweetman moved, and Ken Van Wyk seconded, the election of John Kamphof. Carried.

·        Region 3: Neal de Roo was elected by proxy votes.

·        Region 4: Matt Bonzo was re-elected by proxy votes.

·        Chris Gort moved, and Ken Van Wyk seconded, that the proxy votes be destroyed. Carried.

7.            Expression of appreciation: Lambert Zuidervaart expressed appreciation on behalf of all present for Henriette Thompson’s service on the Board, especially in her four years as Chair.

8.            Closing: Henriette Thompson closed the meeting in prayer.

9.            Adjournment: The 2014 Annual General Meeting adjourned at 9:04PM.