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Convictions and Hopes

Our Convictions

In the diverse world of contemporary scholarship, ICS emphasizes the integrality of faith and intellectual inquiry. We embrace Christ as the Lord of all learning, and believe that all scholarship is subject to the spiritual struggle spoken of in the Christian scriptures. Trained eyes are needed to spot the traces of spiritual struggle both inside and outside one's own disciplinary expertise.

ICS promotes an interdisciplinary approach. In order to attend to the trace of spiritual struggle, we work to identify the hinge issues in and across the humanities and the social sciences. These hinge issues and ideas are the pivotal questions from which the doors of our understanding hang, swinging open and shut. When exploring these issues in conversation with the leading figures and movements, both contemporary and historical, we can see clearly what ideas shape life in conformity with the Christ revealed in scripture.

Our Hopes

We call our approach to scholarship "reformational".

This means several things. First, we work within the Reformed intellectual tradition but always with an eye for self-critique and further reformation. Second, we seek to engage, with critical fairness, current schools of thought and cultural movements such as postmodernism, liberalism, neo-pragmatism and feminism. Third, we subject our own assumptions to critical evaluation. In these ways our approach aims to open up alternatives to habits of heart and mind that presently dominate the university, and, indeed, our very lives.

ICS continues to prepare new generations of Christians who will birth ideas that move the Christian community toward God, that breathe the air of the Christian scriptures and of the Christ there revealed. Those who come to study here (whatever the tradition they bring) will be challenged, but will also find support within a community of scholars united in serving the God of the scriptures as the Lord of learning.