Art, Religion, and Theology 
In this MWS concentration, students will participate in the critical study of the long, sometimes alienated, relationship among art, religion and theology. What it means to be an artist today will be considered alongside the points of intersection among art, religion and theology across histories, cultures, philosophies, denominations, and disciplines. This concentration aims to develop a philosophically and religiously attuned awareness of art’s character and capacities as well as to offer a framework for the ways it might engage with religion and theology today.

The concentration is for artists, teachers, researchers, journalists, media professionals, workers in the art and culture sector, church workers and workers in other religious institutions. It especially supports student exploration of the possible role of religion and theology in arts related vocations.

Program Outline

The MWS-ART may be taken either full-time or part-time. The duration of the program for full-time students is one year, either beginning or ending with a summer session in Orvieto, Italy.

Junior Members will complete a total of eight credits. Up to three credits may be electives taken in the Toronto School of Theology (TST). There are three components to the MWS-ART: Core Courses, Electives, and an Action Project. 

Core courses offer coherence and breadth and help build community among ICS Junior Members. The two additional elective courses allow Junior Members to give special shape to their program and engage with the community of TST graduate students. The two-part Action Project serves to unify the program. At the start of their studies, and in consultation with the MWS Advisor, Junior Members identify an action-oriented project which they pursue throughout the duration of their program and which helps give focus and direction to their studies. 

A typical course schedule for a full-time student, arranged by terms, would look like this:

 FallBiblical Foundations
 Religion, Life & Society: Reformational Philosophy 1st ICS or TST elective  
 Theology, Spirituality, and the Arts (TST)   
Winter  2nd ICS or TST electiveArts Internship (pt. 1 of Action Project) 
 SummerArt, Religion, and Theology: Theologies  of Art in the Christian Tradition
(residency in Orvieto)
 Artists' or Writers' Workshop in Orvieto
(pt. 1 of Action Project)

The eight credits include: 
  1. Four core courses: Biblical Foundations; Religion, Life and Society: Reformational Philosophy; Art, Religion, and Theology (in Orvieto, Italy); and Theology, Spirituality, and the Arts (in TST)
  2. Two Arts-related electives (in ICS or TST)
  3. An Action Project equivalent to two courses. Junior Members have two options for fulfilling the first aspect of this requirement: a) participating in either the Artists' or Writers' Workshop in Orvieto, Italy, or b) pursuing an Arts Internship (in Toronto or other approved location). Both above options will lead into the second aspect of the Action Project: a final Summative Paper.*
*With the approval of the MWS Advisor, a Junior Member may substitute an integrative Major Research Paper for the Action Project (worth two courses).