Art, Religion, and Theology 
In this MWS concentration, students will participate in the critical study of the long, sometimes alienated, relationship between art, religion and theology. What it means to be an artist today will be considered alongside the points of intersection between art, religion and theology across histories, cultures, philosophies, denominations, and disciplines. This concentration aims to develop a philosophically and religiously attuned awareness of art’s character and capacities as well as to offer a framework for the ways it might engage with religion and theology today. 

Junior Members will complete a total of eight credits, including four core courses. Four courses will be directly related to the Art, Religion and Theology stream; at least two of these will be core courses (e.g. Art, Religion and Theology; Biblical Foundations; Creative Communications: Culture, Art, and Politics). Two elective courses will be chosen, and may be courses offered by another institution. The action-oriented research project is equivalent to two credits.

See the course chart for an outline of upcoming courses in this concentration.