Social Justice
In the MWS concentration in Social Justice, students will participate in the critical study of some of the most historically influential interpretations of the nature of society and the nature of justice, exploring different cultures, periods of history, and religious traditions. They will pursue both the question of what makes a life worthwhile, as well as the question of how such lives could be concretely sustained. The concentration aims to develop in students an existentially, practically, and philosophically rich sensitivity to the nature of the social world and its claims, and aims to enable them to respond to those claims in an intelligent and powerful way.

Junior Members will complete a total of eight credits, including four four core courses. Four courses will be directly related to the Social Justice concentration; at least two of these will be core courses (e.g. Person, Family, and Society; Christianity and the Ecological Crisis; Biblical Foundations; and Creative Communications: Culture, Art, and Politics). Two elective courses will be chosen, and may be offered by another institution. The action-oriented research project is equivalent to two credits.

See the course chart for an outline of the upcoming courses in this concentration.