Your Next Five Years
Simple yet powerful workshops for mapping your life.
Host a Workshop

Host a Your Next Five Years workshop at your church or at your school, with your friends, or for your family. Be inspired by a fresh perspective on the meaning of your work. Be encouraged by research on how people actually navigate major life changes at every stage of life. Be equipped with simple but powerful tools for planning your life and career.

"a gift that not only blesses individuals but also the communities they serve"

Your Next Five Years is an intense, condensed, effective introduction to life design. It is a workshop, not a lecture. At the centre of this learning experience is your life, and what you will do with it over the next half a decade. It includes fast-paced, interactive exercises that will help you identify:
  • What matters most to you in life and work
  • Where you are at right now in key aspects of your life
  • What your key next actions must be to effectively pursue your hopes for the future
" the exercises continue to bear fruit in my own life"

Your Next Five Years is a highly portable course. Each of the three versions is available for groups (family, friends, colleagues, faith communities) of any size, and can be presented in homes, parks, classrooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, church buildings, or anywhere that will allow for easy interaction among the participants. You provide the venue; ICS provides the content and the learning facilitator.

Available Workshop Formats

90-Minute Version ($375 per event):
Perfect for a weekday evening. It can also be included easily in the regular daytime teaching schedule of a high school, as a special learning event for high school parents, in the schedule of a professional development day for teachers or staff, or as a lunchtime event for a service club.

Three-Hour Version
($750 per event):
Works well on Saturdays, as two 90-minute sessions with a generous break in between, whether that is in the morning, over lunch, or in the afternoon. This is a version that has worked well for church communities.

Weekend Version ($1500 per event):
The most effective version, with one 90-minute session on the Friday evening and two 90-minute sessions on the Saturday morning. This format allows for overnight reflection on the learning of the Friday, it allows for stronger collaborative learning relationships with the other workshop participants, and it offers … well … more time to get stuff done.

Workshops are priced according to the version, not per participant. To maintain an effective experience we recommend approximately:
  • 4 to 10 participants for the 90-minute version
  • 5 to 20 participants for the three-hour version
  • 5 to 20 for the Friday-and-Saturday version
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