“Over the life of any career, it is important to have opportunities to reflect and reenergize. Your Next Five Years is such an opportunity.   Being able to ask such questions as.... "What could the future hold?  How can one navigate the culture?  Is leadership in my future?" is a gift that not only blesses individuals but also the communities they serve. Educators, particularly, can reflect whether their life and work journey ought to shift from students towards mentoring and leading teachers and schools.”

Diane Stronks, EduDeo Ministries Walking Together program co-leader and former Executive Director of Edifide Christian Educators Association.

“In the face of endless choices, more than ever I find so many Christians experiencing a paralyzing disorientation in life, wondering how their lives, training, gifting, and sense of calling can be a meaningful part of God's flourishing in the world. Dr. Gideon Strauss led a Your Next Five Years course in our church that was eminently helpful to so many young professionals sorting out questions of calling and career. Gideon is an engaging, thoughtful, and gifted teacher who focused on the next five years (instead of the big "rest of your life"), guiding university students and young professionals towards next steps in better understanding their part in God's story and faithfully living out their vocation.”

Phil Reinders, Senior Minister of Knox Presbyterian Church Toronto and author and compiler of the bestselling book Seeking God's Face.

“It was a pleasure to work with Gideon Strauss when he hosted a series of workshops on a Vocational Wayfinding entitled: Your Next Five Years at The Anglican Diocese of Montreal in 2017. His communication style was noteworthy: calm, articulate, engaging and receptive. He encouraged participants to interact with the materials through journal-style writing exercises as well as dialogue. This made for a highly pleasurable workshop experience for all. I am still receiving positive feedback regarding the efficacy of these workshops. In fact, the exercises continue to bear fruit in my own life. I would highly recommend workshops on Vocational Wayfinding/Your Next Five Years.”

Lee-Ann Matthews, Project Coordinator, Anglican Diocese of Montreal.