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2019-2020 Tuition & Fees

Junior Members are expected to pay all institutional fees in September. Other fees are to be paid in four equal instalments in September, November, February, and April.
Doctoral Program  
Year 1 & 2 $8,415 per year                                            *Two-Year Residency Requirement
Post Course Work $4,208 per year
Post Comprehensive Fees $600 per year
Master of Arts (Philosophy)  
Year 1 & 2 $8,032 per year
Post Course Work $4,016 per year
Part Time $1,500 per course
MA (Phil) in Educational Leadership  
Part Time (3.3 years) $21,000 in total
Master of Worldview Studies in Art, Religion & Theology
Full Time (12 months) $9,800 in total
Master of Worldview Studies & Continuing Education
Part Time (Hybrid) $1,500 per course
Part Time (All-Online) $180 per course

Additional Fees
Application Fee
$90                                                                                    *$120 Late Applications
Registration Fee $25 per course registration
Library Card
$310 per year                                                                       *Junior Members only
Junior Member Activity Fee
$315 per year                                                       *Full-Time Junior Members only
Health Insurance (International Students)
Please contact us for more information.
Leave of Absence
Thesis Binding Fee
$40 (two required archival copies)
Institutional Repository Fee (Thesis)
Graduation Fee
Transcript Fee
$25 for first copy ($5 for each additional)