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Pop Culture and Apocalypse: Wayfinders Microsymposium

posted 12 Apr 2016, 12:51 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 12 Apr 2016, 12:51 by Academic Registrar ]

David Dark in " Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, The Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons" (http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/books...) and Alissa Wilkinson and Robert Joustra in "How to Survive the Apocalypse: Zombies, Cylons, Faith, and Politics at the End of the World" (http://www.eerdmans.com/Products/7271...) explore the connections between pop culture and the apocalypse ... and explore what it is like to live in a secular age as people of faith. We ask them questions.

Unpredictable Way Chats

posted 10 Apr 2016, 12:57 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 12:57 by Academic Registrar ]

Last week's Way Chat had no overarching theme and so the conversation led in some interesting directions.  We discussed online and distance relationships, their strengths and their shortcomings.  We heard about youth movements in Nicaragua and around the world.  We talked about the deep interconnections between doubt and faith.  See the full conversations below!

Unpredictable Way Chats

WayChat: What is the trouble with race?

posted 10 Apr 2016, 12:15 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 12:16 by Academic Registrar ]

On March 23rd and 24th the Wayfinders asked the question: What is the trouble with race?  A number of guests responded with insights and analyses.  Discussion ranged from reflections on individual and institutional responsibility to the role of the church and beyond.  We discussed race as a social construct and asked how we might set about rethinking our social categories.

Check out the discussion by following the link below!

#WayChat on Race and Religion

posted 23 Mar 2016, 15:38 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 11:58 by Academic Registrar ]

On March 15th-17th the Wayfinders discussed issues surrounding the intersections between race and religion.  We chatted with Danielle Rowaan, Daniel Jones, and Andrew Whitworth.  Reflections included personal stories of attempting to come to grips with the active role Christianity played in colonialism.  Specific historical injustices were addressed.  And crucially, we reflected on strategies for critically engaging and overcoming entanglement in racist structures.  

Click the link below to check out the discussion!  

@ICSWayfinders #microsymposium: Identity, Imagination, & the Other

posted 23 Mar 2016, 15:36 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 23 Mar 2016, 15:36 by Academic Registrar ]

A Google Hangout on Air with Ron Kuipers, Aya Hayashi, and Jeffrey Ansloos in response to the work of philosopher Richard Kearney on identity, imagination, and the other. To prep read Ron Kuipers's interview with Richard Kearney in The Other Journal: http://theotherjournal.com/2012/03/06...

#WayChat on Community Building

posted 23 Mar 2016, 15:31 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 12:04 by Academic Registrar ]

The Wayfinders discuss community building online!  In our discussions with Janet Fouts, Christina Lizaso, and Megan Keane, we addressed a variety of approaches.  We explored the possibility of compassion and generosity in out approach to community building.  Considered that the community is already present, but how can we connect?  And we discussed how online community can be launching off point for a variety of new relationships both online and in person.  

Check out the link below!

#WayChat on Poetry

posted 23 Mar 2016, 15:29 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 12:08 by Academic Registrar ]

Check out our discussion on Poetry!  Around the New Year we looked at various poems that inspired us and helped us make sense of our place in the world.  We looked at poems by Rainer Rilke, Mary Oliver, and more!  

Follow the link below to see our discussions!

#WayChat on Waiting

posted 23 Mar 2016, 15:28 by Kiegan Irish   [ updated 10 Apr 2016, 12:09 by Academic Registrar ]

#WayChat is the regular Twitter Chat of The Wayfinders. No more than 25 mins at noon ET/9am PT Tue-Thu every week. Applying poetry, philosophy, and ancient scriptural wisdom to making sense of the world, finding our way in life. Six Big Questions provide the framework for our Twitter Chats: (identity/character) Who am I? (community) Where do I belong? (conviction/worldview) What do I believe? (commitment) What do I care about/love? (cultural context) What are the possibilities and constraints I face in this time and place? (calling/vocation) As the poet Mary Oliver asked, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” We focus on how these questions are answered during the pivotal moves between life stages (in particular during young adulthood and at retirement). We identify a new theme every week within this broader framework.
Check out our WayChat on 'Waiting' below!

Interview with Richard Kearney

posted 21 Mar 2016, 07:46 by Daryl K.   [ updated 23 Mar 2016, 15:21 by Academic Registrar ]

ICS Professor Rebekah Smick interviews Richard Kearney before the event titled "Imagination's Truths: Re-envisioning Imagination in Philosophy, Religion & the Arts" held at the Isabel Bader Theatre, Victoria College, Toronto, on October 13, 2012.

Imagination's Truths

Test 1

posted 21 Mar 2016, 07:42 by Daryl K.   [ updated 23 Mar 2016, 15:22 by Academic Registrar ]

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