Please stay tuned to this page for updates about ART IN ORVIETO 2021 and feel free to email with any questions. 

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ART IN ORVIETO is an advanced summer studies program in art, religion, and theology located in Orvieto, Italy, a magnificent hill town 90 minutes north of Rome. The program offers an ecumenical exploration of Christian understandings of the arts. It provides a three-week residency designed for artists, graduate students in relevant fields, and other adult learners interested in engaging the intersection of art, religion and theology.

The acronym ART represents Art, Religion, and Theology, the foci of the program.

ART IN ORVIETO is a program of the Institute for Christian Studies, an affiliate of the Toronto School of Theology, Toronto, Ontario.

THE ART IN ORVIETO PROGRAM occupies superbly renovated facilities in the medieval monastery of the Servite Order in Orvieto. The facilities are leased by Gordon College of Wenham, Massachusetts. The Institute for Christian Studies and Gordon College share a common mission on this site: to engage in integrating thought and practice in the arts with theology and the life of faith.


Entitled Art, Religion, and Theology:
Theologies of Art in the Christian Tradition