ART in Orvieto is an advanced summer studies program in Orvieto, Italy, that offers an ecumenical exploration of Christian understandings of the arts. The program provides a four weeks residency designed for artists, writers, and graduate students, as well as others interested in the intersection of art, religion, and theology. It is a program of the Institute for Christian Studies in the Toronto School of Theology.
The acronym ART represents Art, Religion, and Theology, the foci of the program.
Orvieto, Italy, is a stunning hilltop medieval town situated prominently between Rome to the south and Florence to the north. Orvieto holds an important place in the history of Christianity and the history of the arts. The centerpiece of Orvieto is the exquisite Duomo, which is the cathedral of Orvieto from the 1200s and the emblem of the conjunction of Christianity and the arts. Today Orvieto remains a fertile ground for aesthetic imagination and intellectual engagement with the Christian faith.
The ART in Orvieto program occupies superbly renovated facilities in the medieval monastery of the Servite Order in Orvieto, leased by Gordon College of Wenham, Massachusetts, and its Studio for Art, Faith & History. The mission of the Studio for Art, Faith & History, which the Institute for Christian Studies shares, is to engage in reintegrating thought and practice among the arts, theology and the life of faith.
There are three components of the program.
  1. The graduate seminar entitled Art, Religion, and Theology:
      Theologies of Art in the Christian Tradition

  2. The Artists’ Workshop for practicing artists
  3. The Writers’ Workshop for practicing writers
There are two appealing options available to those whose interests match those of the program.
One option is a formal course of study and practice at the graduate level that leads to graduate credit. This option is available to those enrolled in a graduate program. The graduate credit may be used in the MWS degree program of the Institute for Christian Studies, in a degree program the Toronto School of Theology, or in a degree program in another institution that accepts transfer credit. MWS credit is given to students who are formally admitted to graduate study in the Institute for Christian Studies. This option might involve both the graduate course and one of the workshops. Or it might involve only the graduate course, or only one of the workshops.
Another option is a course of structured participation, leading to a Certificate of Studies in ART in Orvieto. This option is available to those not formally enrolled in a graduate program. This option might involve participation in the graduate seminar and one workshop. Or it might involve only the graduate seminar or only one of workshops.
The program takes place in Orvieto, Italy, between June 29 and July 24, 2015. The final deadline for application to participate in the program is November 30, 2014.
For further details about the program and the application process, please contact the application coordinator, Jeffrey Hocking, at or 416-979-2331, ext. 240.

Dr. Rebekah Smick, Associate Professor of Philosophy of the Arts and Culture at the Institute for Christian Studies, is the director of the program and the instructor of the graduate seminar.
The Artists’ Workshop is lead by Paul Roorda.
The Writers’ Workshop is lead by John Terpstra.
Further details about the course and workshops can be found here.