[This fees information is from last year's program. Fees for 2020 may be subject to change. Up-to-date information coming soon.]


These costs exclude airfare and health and travel insurance. 

Incidental Fees and Tuition Fees are paid to ICS

* Living Expenses (accommodation, meals, and excursion costs) are totally separate from your tuition fees and must be paid directly by cheque to: 
The Global Education Office
Gordon College
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA 01984
Cheques must include "Institute for Christian Studies Seminar" in the memo line. ICS is merely passing this information on to you on behalf of Gordon College. 

** Limited availability on a first come first serve basis. 

Any enrollee who gives written notice to ICS within two days of having signed a registration agreement that he or she rescinds that agreement will be refunded 100% of all fees paid for the period of registration.

Any enrollee who gives written notice, but more than two days after signing a registration agreement, that he or she does not intend to begin a program, or who, without providing written notice, does not attend the first day of the program, will receive a full refund of all fees paid, less an administration fee not to exceed the maximum amount allowable by law (20% of tuition + fees up to a maximum of $500). 

Any enrollee who withdraws from a program, or part of a program, prior to the halfway point is entitled to a refund equal to the proportion of tuition not yet earned by ICS (number of days attended / total number of course days x tuition = tuition earned), less an administrative fee not to exceed the maximum amount allowable by law. 

Enrollees who withdraw after the halfway point shall forfeit the right to any refund in tuition or other fees. 

The Institute for Christian Studies will refund tuition fees, for the period for which a student is currently registered, for a program or part of a program which is discontinued or suspended according to the applicable laws. The Institute for Christian Studies is not liable for any personal/travel expenses incurred, including monies paid to Gordon College for accommodations/meals/excursions.