About the Colloquium

The Toronto Interfaculty Colloquium is a CPRSE-sponsored event that brings together interested scholars from different schools in the Toronto area to discuss current faculty research in the interlinked fields of interdisciplinary philosophy and theology, religion (as it finds itself within a pluralist context), and social ethics. The colloquium supports the CPRSE's mandate to explore normative questions that arise from issues of social justice, economic sustainability, cultural, philosophical, and religious pluralism, and environmental stewardship.

The format of the colloquium involves discussing a work in progress by a faculty member from an area school. The paper is pre-distributed to the participants for reading before the colloquium. The session begins with the presenter briefly summarizing their argument, followed by commentary from an invited respondent, and culminates in a moderated discussion with all the colloquium participants.

Although these are not public events, a small number of academic observers can sometimes be accomodated. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please email CPRSE@icscanada.edu with information about your institutional affiliation and academic interest.