Summer Online Learning Initiative

This summer, in response to the realities of physical distancing and as an effort to make the ICS classroom experience more widely available, we are offering a selection of courses that can be taken from anywhere in the world! If you've been looking for a way to get a taste of an ICS program, take an ICS class without making the move to Toronto, or fulfill some lingering course requirements over the summer, this is the perfect opportunity. These courses are intensives, delivered in a combination of synchronous (meeting at designated times over Zoom teleconferencing) and asynchronous (Google Classroom forum engagement or assignments) formats.

We have special discounts available for first-time ICS auditors and for ICS alumni. You can find more information on our fees page.

We'll continue updating this page periodically as we move through the summer. Please check back here for the latest details as courses become available. Please note that courses listed with an asterisk* are still in development, so details may change.

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May 12 - June 18

Evil, Resistance, and Judgment: Hannah Arendt and Religious Critique (ICSD 220502 S20) 

with Ronald A. Kuipers & Andrew Tebbutt

This seminar explores Hannah Arendt’s reflections on the themes of evil, resistance, and judgment, especially as these are shaped by her experience reporting for The New Yorker at the 1961 war crimes trial of Adolf Eichmann. Throughout the course, one of our guiding concerns will be to ask what members of specifically religious communities might learn from Arendt’s reflections...

June 2 - July 9 

World-Viewing: An Introduction to Worldview Studies 
(ICSD 132505/232505 S20) 

with Gideon Strauss 

This course dives deeply into the question: Who am I? It is a touchstone course for the MWS program reimagined for online delivery as a highly interactive, self-reflective workshop-style course that invites you to explore how we humans make sense of our lives, find our way in our world, and make culture—and to consider your own vocation in accompanying others in their world-viewing, way-finding, and culture-making. Also eligible for CSTC credit...

This course explores the various ways in which art can act as a bridge to transcendence and/or as a deep articulation of embodied human experience. It is a perfect opportunity for students, teachers, artists, and art-appreciators alike who are interested in the relation between faith and art to consider especially the ongoing relevance of these themes in contemporary theological aesthetics and art practices...

July 14 - August 20

Set the Prisoners Free: Christianity and Prison Abolition (ICSD 132903 S20)

with Dean Dettloff

This course invites you to imagine together what a world without prisons and policing might look like, paying close attention to issues made evident by the recent global protests against racially targeted police violence and incarceration. Participants will explore throughout how Christianity both funds the ideology of mass incarceration and a spirit of abolition, asking what it might mean to proclaim release to the prisoners today.

August 17-21

Lead From Where You Are: Making a Difference in the Face of Tough Problems, Big Questions, and Organizational Politics (ICSD 132504 S20)

with Gideon Strauss

This CSTC-eligible course invites participants to reflect on diverse approaches to leadership. The kind of leadership that will be learned and practiced in this course has to do with diagnosing and addressing the toughest problems experienced by organizations, communities, institutions, and societies. Participants will learn a leadership language, try out a set of tools and frameworks, and workshop fresh insights and skills in their own areas of practice....