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Fall Appeal Letter

September 22, 2011

Dear ICS Supporter:

You were there with us in 2003.  We waited through delays and detours, twists and turns.  You prayed and you supported us when we asked you to help finance the project.  The wait was long! And then finally in 2005 ICS was given consent to grant its own PhD and MA degrees in philosophy.  We celebrated!  We rejoiced!

Again we celebrate and give thanks. Last June Allyson Carr defended her PhD thesis and she became the “first fruits” of this historic event. Allyson will be granted the first stand-alone PhD at convocation in Spring 2012.  This will be a blessed moment for the ICS community.  We say thank you for standing with us then and now!

Here is how Allyson, who did her undergraduate studies at Calvin, sees her ICS journey:

When I came to the ICS in the Fall of 2003 as a Master's student, I had only just learned of the school the year before. I had heard it was a place where I could engage in philosophy that had social relevance. Upon arriving, I immediately began to see how this was so, and I was excited when the school was granted the authority to confer its own PhDs in 2005. The courses I took weren't just classes where we read texts and commented on them; rather, the courses were lively discussions about life and learning, where what we read opened up new ways of understanding ourselves, our world, and how we should act in it. This kind of atmosphere was what prompted me to remain for the PhD program, and it has continued to be the hallmark of life at the ICS. Being a student here, where faith is a well-spring for life and learning, has not only taught me what good scholarship is, but what it means, and why it is important.

Think about it for a moment: You have an opportunity to dramatically affect people’s lives.  ICS has been shaping lives for over forty years.  You have made it possible for Allyson and other students to prepare themselves for a lifetime of social, philosophical, artistic, theological, political and spiritual renewal.

This could not have been, and cannot be, possible without the support of people like you.
The ICS mission affects people in exciting ways. Your gifts count!
For over forty years ICS faculty have been shaping the lives of students in a tradition of Christ- centred scholarship. People like you have supported this endeavor and, therefore, worked as agents of renewal.

This work must continue. Without the financial gifts from you and others, ICS students could not have this exciting, life-shaping experience. They could not be involved in the Spirit-filled, renewing work that you support. You help them become agents of renewal.

In order to continue this work and the work of our Research Centre we need your continued prayers and financial gifts.

Together we will act as Christ’s agents of renewal.

From the staff, students and faculty of ICS.

In Christ,

Chris Gort, President

PS:  ICS members - the 2011 AGM packet including votes for nominations for the Board will be sent out in mid-October to all current members. If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2011 please go to no later than October 10 to renew your membership.

Thank You.