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Vocational Wayfinding

Are you looking for deeper insights and practical tools in order to navigate your work-life journey wisely and imaginatively?

The Institute for Christian Studies is offering a fresh version of its Vocational Wayfinding course, designed to offer such insights and tools in multiple modes of engagement. Join us online for an Individual Adult Learning experience (non-credit) or for Credit towards a degree or certificate. You may also organize a small group of peers in your work or church community for an in-person Group Learning experience.

Vocational Wayfinding consists of two six-week modules. As an adult learning experience, you can take just the first module or both modules. For credit, you take both modules.

Module 1 begins in the week of September 18, 2017. It will include a discussion of Jamie Smith’s book You Are What You Love and Dave Evans’s book Designing Your Life.

Module 2 begins the week of November 6, 2017. It will include a discussion of Herminia Ibarra’s book Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career and David Whyte’s book Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity.
The instructor will be Gideon Strauss, PhD, Associate Professor of Worldview Studies.
Vocational Wayfinding will significantly deepen your insights into the implications of a Christian worldview for your working life. It will also provide you with an array of practical tools with which to understand God’s world and navigate your working life with wisdom and imagination.

Prices (not including required materials*) are:

 • $150/module for the Group Learning experience
 • $200/module for the Individual Adult Learning experience
 • $250/module for the above with Group Facilitator option
 • $900 for both modules for Credit/Certificate

For registration and other information, including information on becoming a group facilitator, contact Gideon Strauss (gstrauss@icscanada.edu) or our registrar, Jeff Hocking (academic-registrar@icscanada.edu).

*The course catalogue page and syllabus contain more detailed information about the course contents and the required materials. Some materials are provided while others must be purchased.

Vocational Wayfinding is just the beginning...

When you take this course for credit you earn one credit that can be applied towards the Wayfinding Master of Worldview Studies or the soon-to-be-announced Certificate in Worldview Studies.