We're continuing to make ICS courses available remotely from anywhere in the world. Unless otherwise noted, this semester's courses will be delivered synchronously (meeting at designated times over Zoom teleconferencing), following an in-depth once-weekly seminar format. 

Below, you will find a list of all the courses on offer remotely this winter and links to full course descriptions and syllabi. If you are interested in taking an ICS course for credit and applying it to a program at another institution, you may contact our Registrar with questions on how best to do so. 

AUDITING DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: If you are a continuing learner or want to get a taste for what ICS courses are like, first-time ICS auditors and ICS alums can take any of these courses for only $425 (registration included). There are also a variety of discounted rates available for leadership teams who register for How to Finance a Vision. You can find more information on our fees page or by emailing our Registrar for details.

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Winter Course List

A full list of W21 ICS courses and syllabi can be found here.


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Blended Synchronous / Asynchronous Format*

Deeper Learning: From Wonder to Inquiry to Action

(ICSD 260004 W21)

with Edith van der Boom

This course in the MA-EL program is for instructional leaders. It explores learning as a journey from wonder to inquiry to action. This course seeks to help Christian educators develop Deeper Learning within the context of three areas: first, a celebration of the learner (what it means to be created in God’s image); second, a mindfulness towards intentional learning design, and third, a responsiveness to culture (how do we embody our mission in every aspect of school life and live it out in God’s world?)... [more info here]


Blended Synchronous / Asynchronous Format*

This course provides frameworks and tools for leadership to make connections between the vision of a school, the budgeting process, and fundraising. We first consider the spirituality of fundraising, then explore the relevant CRA documents and financial tools and the stories budgets tell, then conclude with the processes necessary to gain competency in working with both school boards and staffs on the financial aspects of school management... [more details here]


Mondays @ 8:00-11:00pm EST
This class is an exploration of central issues in philosophy, as addressed by Herman Dooyeweerd, Dirk Vollenhoven, and the “Amsterdam School” of neo-Calvinian thought. The course tests the relevance of this tradition for recent developments in Western philosophy. Special attention is given to critiques of foundationalism, metaphysics, and modernity within reformational philosophy and in other schools of thought... [more info here]


Tuesdays @ 2:00-5:00pm EST

Rhetoric as Philosophy from Isocrates to the Age of Abelard and Heloise 

(ICS 220407 / ICH5720HS L0101 W21) 

with Bob Sweetman

This seminar examines the ancient and medieval discipline of rhetoric and its practitioners’ claim that it is a properly philosophical discourse. It does so in terms of a selection of texts from Isocrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, Abelard and Heloise. In the process, it explores the relationship between affectivity and discursive validity as an implication of the cultural intent of philosophy... [more here]


Wednesdays @ 10:00am-1:00pm EST

This internal interdisciplinary seminar will explore the de-centring implications of Dooyeweerd's claim that, “Meaning is the being of all that has been created and the nature even of our selfhood.” We will pursue this line of inquiry in the conviction that to do the work of Ontology (and thus Epistemology) in a truly systematic, integrally Christian, way will require that we also draw upon a pre-theoretical form of Knowing, and a spiritual grounding and hope, that will always precede and exceed our understanding... [read more here]


This course studies key representatives of 20th c. French existential phenomenology, focusing on the ways they challenge the familiar image of the human as primarily rational, individual, and autonomous. We will instead work towards developing a “relational” understanding of the human and exploring the ways that humans are both produced in systems of language and power, and are capable of reinventing/“revolting” against these systems.... [more info here]


Thursdays @ 5:00-8:00pm EST

God/Sex/Word/Flesh: Gender, Theology, and the Body

(ICS 220804 W21 / ICT5220HS L0101 / L9101)

with Nik Ansell

How is our agenda for theology related to our gender? Is ‘God’ a male word? Is the ‘Word made flesh’ a male God? Does the experience of women change how God is (made) known? Is sexuality embraced by the resurrection? Attentive to the work of feminist theologians and biblical scholars, we will attempt to develop an ‘embodied’ theology open to the biblical vision that God will be ‘all in all’... [more info here]

Thursdays @ 11:00am-2:00pm EST

This seminar explores the intellectual history and current core of politico-economic concepts and institutions under the umbrella of capitalism by using the tools of Reformational architectonic critique. We will thereby aim to develop a Christian critical view of the constitutive and normative foundations of such concepts and forms in capitalism as market, property, exchange, value, profit, transnational corporations, and the like... [more info here]


Blended Synchronous / Asynchronous Format *

This is a course for instructional leaders as they reflect on their role as a Christian educator. We will consider our context as Christians called to be transformers of society and culture by seeking justice and righteousness for those who are marginalized and disenfranchised; we will consider constructivism through the lens of scripture and investigate its assumptions; and we will explore our calling as Christian educators to transform culture in our schools, local community, and the world... [more info here]

*Please note that these courses will have both synchronous (meeting periodically at designated times through Zoom) and asynchronous (Google Classroom forum engagement or assignments) aspects to their format. Consult the course catalogue and syllabus for details about meetings and assignment expectations.