The Institute for Christian Studies is an independent graduate school for interdisciplinary philosophy. Through collaborative learning, research, and public outreach, we help people engage the ideas and issues that shape today’s complex world. Our scholarship is uniquely interdisciplinary and religiously aware. Drawing on the humanities and social sciences, we address questions of truth, justice and social ethics from both theological and philosophical perspectives.
"ICS locates the social and cultural issues that underlie ordinary thought and practice and discusses them — carefully, responsibly and with depth."

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale University; Senior Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia
As an independent graduate school for interdisciplinary philosophy, ICS brings a rich tradition of critical inquiry to the issues shaping our complex world. Our faculty and students study and debate the questions and the answers—and the ideas and assumptions underlying both. We’re equipping new generations of scholars and leaders to ask the difficult questions and challenge the easy answers. Our graduates are providing leadership across the globe—in universities, churches and social agencies.
The launch of the ICS Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics marks a new and exciting initiative to support original research into the urgent issues facing today’s world. Building on ICS’s strong tradition of scholarship, this unique Centre brings together interdisciplinary philosophy, theology and social ethics to address questions of life and society.

The Centre will enrich student and faculty scholarship at ICS—leveraging the research strengths and scholarly reputations of the Institute’s own faculty to generate innovative and collaborative research projects. It will create fresh possibilities for engaging academics, artists, public agencies, faith communities and the wider public through lecture series, workshops, publications, conferences and fellowships. It will drive critical and creative inquiry and expand current conversations on social ethics and public life.
ICS is committed to engaging individuals in the issues that shape our culture, faith traditions and lives. Through lectures and workshops delivered across North America, we bring philosophical inquiry to the questions, concerns and challenges of real life.

At ICS, we teach and study philosophy with a view to many perspectives and disciplines, including history, political theory, education, cultural studies and theology. Rooted in a tradition of reformational Christian scholarship, we continue to explore, critique and clarify the role of religious ideas and spiritual values in shaping a post-secular society.