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Financial Aid

ICS's financial aid program is used to supplement a Junior Member's other financial resources. Financial aid awards are meant to be supplemented by other means such as loans and other funds, or, for a Canadian student, part-time employment.

Full-time Junior Members who wish to apply for financial aid should complete and submit a financial aid application when they submit their admission application (MWS, Part-time and Non-Degree Junior Members are not eligible for financial aid). An admission application must be fully completed before eligibility for aid is assessed.  

ICS Financial Aid Application Deadline: February 1 (Late submissions will not be considered)

ICS Financial Aid Application: Download


ICS offers a number of scholarships. Junior Members are not required to apply for scholarships separately. Rather, the financial aid application and the admissions application are used to assess how scholarships will be distributed.

ICS scholarships include:

  1. Bernard Zylstra Scholarship
  2. Peter J. Steen Memorial Scholarship
  3. Laura Dale Award
  4. Wilma Cumming Memorial Scholarship
  5. African Student Scholarship
  6. Marinus Koole Memorial Scholarship
  7. GDL Scholarship
  8. Harry and Hilda Fernhout Ph.D. Award
  9. Jean Olthuis Memorial Scholarship
  10. Robert Lee Carvill Memorial Award
  11. Horticultural Services Scholarship
  12. George Vandervelde Memorial Scholarship


Students enrolled in the MA or PhD programs may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

ICS does not participate in the US Federal Student Aid Program. However, the ICS is authorized to sign payment deferment documentation for existing US student loans.


For more information, contact Elizabet Aras, Student Services & Financial Aid Officer