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Course Timetable

Fall 2021






10:00 - 13:00 EST
With/Out Reason: Art and Imagination in the Western Tradition

ICS 120106/220106 F21

Rebekah Smick

Pragmatism, Race, and Religion: Du Bois, West, and Glaude

ICS 120501/220501 F21

Ron Kuipers

14:00 - 17:00 EST
After Multiculturalism: The Politics of Recognition in a Colonial Canada

ICS 153301/253301 F21

Andrew Tebbutt

The Radical Theopoetics of John D. Caputo

ICS 150907/250907 F21

Jim Olthuis
The Divine (at) Risk: Open Theism, Classical Theism and Beyond

ICS 120803/220803 F21

Nik Ansell


18:00 - 21:00 EST


Biblical Foundations: Narrative, Wisdom, and the Art of Interpretation

ICS 1108AC/2108AC F21

Nik Ansell


Blended Learning
(Online Asynchronous/Synchronous)

Cultivating Learning Communities of Grace

ICS 260008 F21

Edith van der Boom


Blended Learning
(Online Asynchronous/Synchronous)

The Observant Participant: Applying Research Craft to Professional Practice

ICS 132501/232501 F21

Gideon Strauss

Please note that all in-person seminars are delivered online synchronously in the Fall 2021 term.