Master of Arts in Philosophy
The Master of Arts in Philosophy is a two-year degree designed for those who wish to pursue doctoral studies, or who desire a firm grounding in the core issues of their chosen area of study.

The MA (Philosophy) program begins with foundational courses in biblical studies and reformational philosophy, and concludes with an oral defense of the written thesis. Junior Members (students) complete a total of ten courses, develop a guided reading in their thesis area, demonstrate reading knowledge of a foreign language germane to their field, and complete a master’s thesis with an oral defence. Courses are chosen in consultation with a faculty mentor. They include an emphasis in one of the following six interdisciplinary clusters:

  • Aesthetics, Hermeneutics, and Philosophy of Discourse
  • Anthropology and Ethics
  • History of Philosophy
  • Knowledge, Truth, and Learning
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Theology and Biblical Studies

The thesis is a major paper of 17,000 – 25,000 words. It demonstrates that the Junior Member can work competently in his or her area of emphasis. An oral examination takes place upon the completion of the thesis. This examination is conducted by the thesis committee and includes an exploration of surrounding and supporting knowledge.