Continuing  Ed/ge
Biblical Studies With a Difference

No Prerequisites.  Evening Sessions.
No Formal Assignments.

Ever wondered why the good creation included the serpent of Genesis? Or whether God really called for the Canaanite genocide? Or knows what it is like to give birth? If you have—or if your curiosity is aroused—Continuing Ed/ge may be for you!

This new ICS program is for anyone who wants to engage Scripture in an “adult ed” or “continuing ed” setting. There are no prerequisites and no formal assignments (other than reading biblical material ahead of class). You can take one or all of the modules. The sessions will take place in the evenings.

The overall program will work through much of the Old Testament and New Testament, paying special attention to three key themes:

  1. the evocative-provocative call of wisdom;
  2. the meaning and significance of gender;
  3. the nature of power and violence.

Participants may take up to 10 modules, each consisting of six, two-hour sessions (a mix of presentations and discussion):

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus–Deuteronomy; Judges
  3. Genesis–Judges on violence/genocide/the land, with special attention to the book of Joshua
  4. Job; Proverbs
  5. 1–2 Samuel; 1–2 Kings; 1–2 Chronicles
  6. Ruth; Song of Songs; Ecclesiastes; Lamentations; Esther
  7. Jeremiah; Daniel
  8. Mark; John
  9. Romans; Paul and gender
  10. Revelation

The instructor will be Nik Ansell, ICS senior member in theology. Nik is an experienced teacher in continuing ed. and an established author in biblical studies. For one of his more popular pieces, see

Fees are $240 per module; $200 for ICS members.

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Does Genesis say humans should have “dominion” over the earth? Why is Eve called Adam’s “helper”? Who are the “sons of god” who are so taken with the “daughters of men”? What kind of God would test Abraham by calling for the sacrifice of Isaac? Who does Jacob wrestle with at the Jabbok—Man, God, or Angel? Does the Genesis narrative suggest an answer that has been overlooked?  These are the kinds of questions that will be discussed in the first module.

As this module is foundational to the overall program, it will be offered twice.  The first offering will take place on Thursday evenings (7–9pm) beginning on October 1, 2015 at 229 College St., Toronto.  The second offering is not yet scheduled.

Space is limited. Secure your spot as soon as possible!

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