PhD Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Allyson Ann Carr, Fiction as philosophy: reading the work of Christine de Pizan and Luce Irigaray to write a hermeneutics of socially transformative fiction-mediated philosophy. (ICS)

Michael James DeMoor, Brandom and Hegel on objectivity, subjectivity and sociality: a tune beyond us, yet ourselves. (VU)

Lok Wing-Kai, Foucault, Levinas and the ethical embodied subject. (VU)

Adam James Barkman, The philosophical Christianity of C. S. Lewis: its sources, content and formation. (VU)

Bonzo, J. Matthew, Indwelling the forsaken other: the Trinitarian ethics of  Jürgen Moltmann. (VU)

Nicholas John Ansell, The annihilation of hell: universal salvation and the redemption of time in the eschatology of Jürgen Moltmann. (VU)

Richard J. Middleton, The liberating image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1. (VU)

Ronald Alexander Kuipers, Critical faith: toward a renewed understanding of religious life and its public accountability. (VU)

Janet Catherina Wesselius, Objective ambivalence: feminist negotiations in epistemology. (VU)

Ryuichiro Taniguchi, Liberalism and its metaphysical difference: a critique of the ground of F.A. von Hayek's political philosophy. (VU)

Jeffrey Dudiak, The intrigue of ethics: a reading of the idea of discourse in the thought of Emmanuel Levinas. (VU)

Kuk-Won Shin,A hermeneutic utopia: H.-G. Gadamer's philosophy of culture. (VU)

Carroll Guen Hart, Grounding without foundations: a conversation between Richard Rorty and John Dewey to ascertain their kinship. (VU)

D. Vaden House, Without God or his doubles: a study in the philosophy of Richard Rorty. (VU)

Lambert Zuidervaart,
 Refractions: truth in Adorno's aesthetic theory. (VU)