Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The information you provide ICS on any inquiry, feedback, application, donation, or purchase form on the ICS website will never be released to third parties for commercial purposes nor distributed to organizations affiliated with ICS for inappropriate uses.


ICS appreciates your support and respects your privacy and preferences. If you find that you are receiving communications that you do not want as a consequence of giving ICS your information, or if you discover that ICS has incorrect information about you, please contact us so we can correct the situation as quickly as possible.


ICS takes measures to ensure that your personal information is not available on the internet and that ICS databases are protected from unauthorized access by a variety of means. ICS donor databases are kept on servers that are isolated from the internet by two independent layers of security and ICS workstations run current anti-virus software and require passwords to access databases. If you have reason to believe that an ICS database has been compromised or has released personal information about you inappropriately please contact us immediately so that we can work to protect you and all other ICS donors and contacts.