MA (Phil) in Educational Leadership

Are you a staff member at a Christian School Foundation (Canada) member school?

You may be eligible to receive financial support for this program of study.

Guiding Principles

The MA (Phil) in Educational Leadership (MA-EL) is a graduate program rooted in the Christian faith and designed for K-12 teachers and school administrators seeking to build their capacity as educators and leaders within the context of their school. Combining ICS's rich history in integrally Christian scholarship with the commitment to inquiry-based learning, this program inspires and equips educators to create innovative, challenging, and just learning environments that contribute to God’s ongoing redemptive work in the world.

Overall, this program is committed to being:

  • Biblically informed and focused on the love embodied by Christ

  • Deeply contextualized and relevant for educators

  • Aligned with one's own professional passion and practice

  • Rooted in wisdom and a sound methodology

One Program, Multiple Possibilities

This program is a typical 42-credit hour course of study offered part-time and building on one's current work as an educational leader. Our program is delivered through mostly asynchronous online courses with one being offered as a synchronous online course. Each student receives individualized mentoring throughout their time in the program. Communication with instructors is facilitated primarily through discussion boards in Google Classroom and/or email.

Two specializations are possible in this program:

Instructional Leadership Stream

An instructional specialization for K-12 teachers in the classroom

School Administration Stream

An organizational specialization for current and prospective school administrators

This program consists of 10 term courses that are offered once a year based on a two-year rotating schedule laid out in detail on the Program Design page. The program can be completed in one of the following ways:

Three + One

Take one course each term over a total of ten terms (3 years and 1 month).

Summers Only

Take courses during summers only. Each course is offered every other summer on a two-year rotation during the month of August.


Take courses at your own pace when it best suits your schedule.

Program Details and Applying

Please note that this year's regular deadline for Summer and Fall 2021 MA-EL applications is May 3, 2021.

The deadline for applications to start the MA-EL in Winter 2022 is November 1, 2021.

How much does this program cost?

Please contact our Registrar ( for information about the full cost of this program. Funding for professional development might be available from your school. Staff members at a Christian School Foundation (Canada) member schools may also be eligible to receive financial support for the MA-EL. More information about course fees and additional fees can be found on the ICS tuition page, or you can email our Registrar to ask for more detailed information relevant to your specific situation.

Who can apply to this program and how do I apply?

This program is open to current Christian educators who have a four-year baccalaureate degree or its equivalent with an overall average of B+ and proficiency in English.

To apply, complete the application form, write a 500-1000 word purpose statement, provide official transcripts, provide two letters of academic or professional reference and one letter of personal reference, and an academic writing sample or a sample of professional work. Your purpose statement should explain how you see the MA-EL fitting in with your own educational/professional goals. The transcripts should be sent directly to ICS from the issuing school.

MA-EL Application Form Updated.pdf

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions about how the program works, or would like to know more about costs and requirements—if you have any questions at all, please email the Academic Registrar, Elizabet Aras at

Want to take the next step?

Email the Academic Registrar Elizabet Aras or MA-EL Director Dr. Edith van der Boom with your questions.