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About the CPRSE

How It Began

The CPRSE was started in 2011 as a way to promote "communal scholarship" at ICS  -- both among ICS Senior and Junior Members and constituents, and between ICS and the social, political, and public life contexts in which it operates. The CPRSE has since endeavoured to foster opportunities for cross-engagement between research and practice, the classroom and lived experience, and the diverse groups and voices that populate our communities. 

What We Do

The CPRSE promotes philosophically primed and religiously attuned interdisciplinary research on leading questions of life and society. The CPRSE does this by bringing together scholars from diverse fields, and supporting five types of programming:

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Why a Centre for Philosophy, Religion & Social Ethics?

A short video explaining the need for the CPRSE and outlining some of the questions to which the CPRSE attends.

What Constructive Contributions Can Religion Bring to Canadian Society?

The CPRSE contributed to this video made by the Baha'i Community of Canada during Our Whole Society 2019.

Living at the Crossroads: Ethical Scholarship and the Common Good

Inaugural address delivered by Lambert Zuidervaart for the opening celebration for the CPRSE in 2011. You can also read the address text here.

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