Student Services

ICS is an academic community in which students are referred to as "Junior Members" and faculty as "Senior Members."


Although ICS does not have residence facilities, Junior Members can apply to live on campus in Knox College residency. ICS is located in an area of Toronto that offers a wide range of housing for both single Junior Members and Junior Members with families. You can find valuable house-hunting resources on Toronto-savvy websites like BlogTO.

Information Services

Please follow the link here or on the ICS home page to find all information related to our Library, Institutional Repository, and other research services.

Email & Information Technology

Junior Members can access the internet via computers at ICS. All Junior Members are provided with an email account. ICS email accounts are the primary means of communication and transmission of important information. It is the Junior Member’s responsibility to access and maintain their ICS email account regularly. Junior Members can find more information about these services on the ICS Intranet.

Community & Co-Curricular Life

Members of ICS enjoy gathering together for scheduled and spontaneous events that foster community and relationships that complement and inform our academic work. Junior and Senior Members alike are encouraged to propose, craft, and partake in such community opportunities. ICS is also located only blocks away from the Royal Ontario Museum, CN Tower, RogersCentre, Art Gallery of Ontario, and a number of other well known theatres and restaurants, all of which provides a diverse range of choices for community gatherings.

Throughout the year, ICS will host any number of academic events open to the public. These include the Scripture, Faith & Scholarship symposium, which is a series featuring Christian thinkers from a wide spectrum of scholastic and faith traditions, and Art Talks!, a series of events focusing on the multifaceted relationship of faith and art. ICS also hosts various presentations and lectures at which guest speakers or ICS doctoral Junior Members are invited to present on topics pertinent to their research.

Junior Member Handbook

The Junior Member Handbook gives further details about course requirements, policies of ICS, and other relevant information. Junior Members admitted to ICS should consult the latest version of the Handbook. Junior Members admitted prior to the current academic year should also consult previous versions of the Handbook available in the ICS Intranet.

2024-2025 ICS Junior Member Handbook - Senate-approved (January 2024)
2023-2024 ICS Junior Member Handbook - Senate-approved (January 2023)

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