PhD Dissertations

Dissertations Available on the ICS Institutional Repository

A Selection of PhD Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Note: These titles are not currently available on our Institutional Repository, though they are available in print at the ICS library. Degrees completed conjointly through the Free University in Amsterdam track (VUA) or through the ICS-only track (ICS) are indicated with most recent titles first.

Allyson Ann Carr, Fiction as philosophy: reading the work of Christine de Pizan and Luce Irigaray to write a hermeneutics of socially transformative fiction-mediated philosophy. (ICS)

Michael James DeMoor, Brandom and Hegel on objectivity, subjectivity and sociality: a tune beyond us, yet ourselves. (VUA)

Lok Wing-Kai, Foucault, Levinas and the ethical embodied subject. (VUA)

Adam James Barkman, The philosophical Christianity of C. S. Lewis: its sources, content and formation. (VUA)

Bonzo, J. Matthew, Indwelling the forsaken other: the Trinitarian ethics of Jürgen Moltmann. (VUA)

Nicholas John Ansell, The annihilation of hell: universal salvation and the redemption of time in the eschatology of Jürgen Moltmann. (VUA)

Richard J. Middleton, The liberating image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1. (VUA)

Ronald Alexander Kuipers, Critical faith: toward a renewed understanding of religious life and its public accountability. (VUA)

Janet Catherina Wesselius, Objective ambivalence: feminist negotiations in epistemology. (VUA)

Ryuichiro Taniguchi, Liberalism and its metaphysical difference: a critique of the ground of F.A. von Hayek's political philosophy. (VUA)

Jeffrey Dudiak, The intrigue of ethics: a reading of the idea of discourse in the thought of Emmanuel Levinas. (VUA)

Kuk-Won Shin, A hermeneutic utopia: H.-G. Gadamer's philosophy of culture. (VUA)

Carroll Guen Hart, Grounding without foundations: a conversation between Richard Rorty and John Dewey to ascertain their kinship. (VUA)

D. Vaden House, Without God or his doubles: a study in the philosophy of Richard Rorty. (VUA)

Lambert Zuidervaart, Refractions: truth in Adorno's aesthetic theory. (VUA)