MWS-ART Course Options

For MWS-ART-eligible courses currently on offer, please consult the ICS Course Catalogue.

Listed below for reference is a selection of recent course offerings within the TST (from Regis College, Emmanuel College, St. Michael’s College, and Trinity College) that link Bible, History, Theology, Moral Theology, and Pastoral Care with one or more issues relevant to the arts. To find the most current course offerings, please consult the TST Course Catalogue.

Regis College

RGB3902H Interpreting the Bible in the Early Church

RGB39XXH The Word Made Visible: Visual Biblical Interpretations in the Early Church

RGH3755H Eastern Christian Icons

RGH3721H Pilgrim Souls: Theology, Art and Architecture in Britain from William Blake to William Morris

RGT3728H Philosophy and Theology of Beauty

RGT3601H Faith and Culture

RGT3281H Hans Urs von Balthasar

RGT3661H Mystical Landscape Art: From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr

RGT3745H Issues in the Philosophy of Religion and The Brothers Karamazov

RGT2943H Social Faith, Eco-Justice and Transforming Beauty

RGP3214H Spirituality and Culture

RGP3855H Spirituality and Literature

RGP3271H The Imagination of Spirit

RGP3273H Prayer and Meditation Through Pencil, Pastel, and Ink Sketching

RGP3209H Spiritual Theology of Evelyn Underhill

RGP38XXH Spirituality in Rembrandt and Van Gogh with Henri Nouwen as Guide

Emmanuel College

EMB2951H Jesus and the Games We Play

EMB5401H Qumran: Scripture and Worship

EMP2861H Songs of the Church

EMP3014H Writing Religion

EMP3651H Narrative Therapy

EMP1101H Foundations of Christian Public Worship

EMP3121H Worship and Theology: Dislocating Perspectives

EMP3476H Creativity and Spirituality

EMP5120H Liturgical Theology

EMP5121H Liturgy as Ritual

EMP3858H Sacred Music in Christian History: An Overview

EMP3855H Global and Contemporary Worship Song Leadership

EMP3881H Worship and the Arts

St. Michael's College

SMB3551H The Role of Emotions in the Letters of St. Paul

SMH3058H Early Christian Art

SMT1104H Foundations of Eastern Christian Theology

SMT2141H Byzantine Christian Sacraments

SMT2401H Introduction to Liturgy

SMT3633H lnculturation and Spirituality

SMT3641H Twentieth-Century Eastern Christian Sacramental Theology

SMP1102H Introduction to Byzantine Christian Worship

SMP2271H Explorations in Eastern Christian Spirituality

SMP3124H Eucharist: Liturgy & Theology

Trinity College

TRB1001H Introduction to the Old Testament

TRB3321H Wisdom Literature

TRH2201H From Puginesque to Punk: Introduction to the Gothic

TXJ2401H The History, Theology, and Practice of Anglican Liturgy

TRT2841H The Theology of Dostoevsky

TRT2876H Faith and Film

TRT2111H Iconology: Doctrinal and Liturgical Theology of Iconography

TRT3981H Justice and Reconciliation

TRP2134H Shaping Space for Worship

TRP2859H History and Practice of Orthodox Liturgical Music

TRP2826H Writing Sacred Stories and Worshipful Plays

TRP2871H Liturgical Drama

Assorted TST Courses

ICH3153H Matter, Body and Gender in the Thought of Hildegard of Bingen, Bernardus Sylvestris, Alan of Lille and Thomas Aquinas (ICS)

ICH5720H Rhetoric as Philosophy from Isocrates to the Age of Abelard and Heloise (ICS)

ICT3732H Ricoeur: Language and the Sacred (ICS)

ICT3734H Philosophy at the Limit: Richard Kearney on Language and Religion (ICS)

WYP2121H Church Music: Theology and Practice (Wycliffe)

WYT3855H Theology of Culture (Wycliffe)